Thursday, January 18, 2007


I thought I'd post a picture of the lovely Hyacinth that has bloomed in my front room. A fantastic perfume fills the room..and it is so bright..January is always a dull month..The UK is being lashed by gale force winds and torrential rain today. One interesting bit of news has been the lifting of a hose-pipe ban by Thames water which has been in effect over a year!

The bottles next to the Hyacinth incidentally were painted by me some years ago.I got the idea from a piece by Rene Magritte the famous Belgian surrealist. A link I'll leave you with here to go and be amazed by! Scroll at the bottom!Some are not so favourite is called 'Time Transfixed'


Ps said...

Along with Van Gogh,Escher,Dali and Gustav Klimt,Rene Magritte is one of the artists whose work I really admire.One specific picture of his (it is not there in the link you gave),where there is a giant comb,in an ordinary room, and where there are ordinary everyday objects, with distorted proportions,is one picture of his I really like.(I dont know what its named)
The Hyacinth is beautiful.So are the bottles you painted.

Tim Young said...

Hey Niall the plany is BLOOMING mavelous. hahahahahha, the pic is looking good, im sure you are not going togive up on it even tho you are not enjoyng the whole experience. This could be one of those picture that will be amazing. Keeping puring your tallent on to it and it will be very good indeed.

Carmi said...

The color is so rich! I am always amazed at nature's ability to awe us with beauty - even on a windowsill.

Lovely site you have here. Your gifts are many.