Tuesday, December 05, 2006


You want 'warts and all?'. Today I am in limbo...it's the strange world I inhabit when I am between pictures, when the idea and inspiration is in gestation and as labour approaches, my mind starts to reel with anticipation. I realise I am only complete when I have pen on paper. I find when all is done at the end of the day, I feel fragile, I am tired. And I am so afraid..everything seems poised on the outcome of the next couple of weeks..I'm not sure I have the ability to keep with it. Very nearly broke down infront of the head teacher at school today.I am an emotional wreck.

Have included a picture which always makes me smile..My daughter Annie as she appeared in her school play last Christmas..She was 'Whoops-a-Daisy' The Christmas Angel..


Tim Young said...

I would encourage you to look once again at your creator, HE is the rock that you can turn to. Tallent and Art and life is fragile. HE is the inspiration He is the light, the way the TRUTH. Only HE and comfort and strength the inner man. ONLY HIM no one else