Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hope..the last candle 1

I've just thought ,I look like a young boy in the drawing above (Aren't all men really little boys at heart?) So it begins...and this time it really means something!I've been reading back over the whole of my blog..I can see a definite decline in my positivity for a while now. Funnily enough, I feel so much brighter today. The last candle is still burning ...I've been into town to collect the prints I hope to sell at the fair on Saturday..I've also collected two newly framed pics from the framers, and left three more to be done. On Friday we should have all prints and mounts ready to assemble and wrap for the sale. Don't get me wrong..I'm still dreading the experience, but as things are at the moment I'm aware that by worrying, I can't add a single inch to my height or day to my life. I have actually been afforded the opportunity to fulfill my life's ambition..there are few amongst us who can say the same thing..what do I do?..I moan and complain!!!


henrik said...

Man your drawings leave me in aw(spelling?). Great stuff!

Tim Young said...

I agree with Henrik keep up the good work. Keep beleiveing in your self. In your dark moment remember all your friends who are supporting you and remember what you have already acheived