Friday, December 15, 2006

Hope 7..

With reference to my previous comments about the similarity between this and 'Moth'. This is a very positive picture(despite my scowl!)..Remember I wrote about the last candle being 'hope'..I have hope despite the disappointments of the week. Hope is something that one cannot erase. As it is said.."where there is life, there is hope". Hope is the pilot-light to my heating system, it is the garlic in my humus...essential.

Have not finished my work today, but wanted to post this. I've worked on completing the shirt. Adding blue to the lower right corner and highlighting my shoulder and back.


Ps said...

Fear can hold you prisoner. Hope can set you free. This is the tagline of the movie "shawshank redemption". Its a maxim which I live my life by.I guess all of us do.The movie is so inspiring.Hope is a driving life force.

Niall Young said...

I think it was in the book 'Dune' by George Herbert that the main character Paul comes across the saying "Fear is the mind killer...".."I will let it approach me, confront me and pass over me" ('s been around 15 years since I read it!)