Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Hope 12.. The sky is coming down!

Things are beginning to speed up now as the sky lightens. Which is just as well, because I seem to be running out of available time..something to do with the approaching holidays! I took Annie with me to Arboretum House this morning to help me and the elderly residents do a piece of art.

Here's my 'Little Helper' with the result. Unfortunately Edith who worked with us was off doing other things by the end so doesn't appear in this photo. It was a lovely time, and having my daughter accompany me to work was special. She really has the beginnings of some talent!


Ps said...

She is so cute!!The art work is lovely too.

Rayne said...

The sky is looking fantastic.
Your little helper has the most adorable smile and the cutest little cheeks. I bet she has a fantastic joyous laugh, too.

Niall Young said...

Yes my friends..she is so cute, but she has a independent streak that means a firey temper!! It only goes to remind me that we don't 'own' our children..we look after and guide them on their path to independence.