Friday, December 08, 2006


I sat and stared at the page, and nothing happened.

Sometimes we expect too much of ourselves. I often hear myself "...I should be doing this, I should be doing that..things would be better if I sorted that out..." But sometimes I need to stop. I am always telling the children in school that before you start to draw "..stop. Look and listen "and ask yourself..."Where am I?"..."What am I doing?"..I wrote of being an emotional wreck. I am not of course. But you lose perspective on things when you're tired and run down..and when I'm tired and run down, I do not feel like giving my best..I am unable to give my best...but instead of stopping and caring for myself..I push on..berate self for not producing any work.....I am learning to stop. I think it was in my last Paulo Coehlo book 'The Zahir' that it was said..One of the biggest difficulties we face is knowning when to start and when to stop :I

What I did do yesterday was organise the packaging for my prints which Jan was able to pick up later. Then go off to school to take the children to draw residents at Arboretum house.(I've posted a picture of an earlier visit) It was actually a lovely time. A moment of clarity arrived as one little boy was drawing an elderly lady who told him she was 97 years old...the little boy told her he was nearly 7! To see him offer his picture to the lady for approval was deeply the three of us sat and looked at the picture it seemed time did not matter..three generations represented were one in the moment.

I will write later too..Today I will start my picture and prepare for the busiest weekend of the year..