Thursday, December 21, 2006

Hope 13..

I think I'm begining to wind down now..I've only done a small bit of work today, that was joining up the sky and my head!..will need to add futher applications of light blue to the grading. Jan had to meet with her future Sister in Law Elizabeth today, who's getting married in the summer..Jan will be a Brides Maid and went for a dress fitting. This left Annie and I to get on with making some art. We made pictures similar to the one I showed yesterday, but these are framed and will be Christmas presents.

Once again another cute picture (Remember the old song 'All I want for Christmas is me two front teeth'?) As you're probably aware by now I'm very proud of her leanings towards art and creativity.!


Tim Young said...

Hi Niall, The pic looks awesome cant wait to see the pic in the flesh, tho you look better as a drawing hahahahaha. only joking. only joking about you not the I'll close the door on my way out..(click)

Ps said...

Wow! What a nice idea to frame her art work and give them as presents.I'm going to steal your idea:-)