Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Hope 6..Close up

Thought I'd show a bit of a closer look. The macro facility on my camera is not good, so this is as close as I dare go without losing too much of the resolution. I just wanted to show that it really is dots that make up the image. I've spent ages filling in the dark blue area of my shirt of the down sides of a dark picture!..Still, most people I speak to are quite surprised to hear that such work is therapeutic. I do a lot of thinking whilst working and have time to consider 'life, the universe and everything'..have not come to any conclusions, but it keeps me off the streets as they say! In fact apart from 4 hours a week in school and residential home..all I do is at the drawing board or keyboard..I NEED A HOLIDAY!


Ps said...

Come to India!!The best place to Holiday. So easy on the pockets too.Check out

The picture is brilliant.I can toatlly relate to what you are saying about thinking while dotting--attempted a dotted picture, but after seeing how accomplished you are, I dare not display my amateurish efforts, before a great master!

Tim Young said...

The pic is looking superb Niall. the finish pic will be someting good, not sure about the subject matter, you could have chosed a handsome guy to dot,like me for instance hahahaha

Robin said...

The shading is incredible. That's always a rough thing for me, getting the shading right.

Niall Young said...

Thanks for your encouragement!..Robin:..The shading is all important when you need to convey features..the choice of contrasting and complementart colours makes or breaks. Before I worked on portraits I had no idea the wide spread of colours used to create shadows..I have found that the face reflects all the colours arounr it.

Ps:..As I said in my email..I'd love to come to India..what a beautiful place!

Tim:..Sorry to disapoint..I was going to draw you but you can't sit still for four weeks!

Niall Young said...

Please forgive rubbish spelling in the last comment..I'm so very tired tonight!