Sunday, December 03, 2006

Self 18

Feeling much better today but as is usual at the weekends, the children are about and Jan was out in North Derbyshire performing her play for a community Association in Grassmore. Every time I got down to a prolonged session of dotting, I'd hear those familiar shouts from downstairs and I had to swap my role of artist for mediator, peacekeeper and Sargent major! I find it nigh impossible to do any quality work at the weekends.
When I work during the week, I tend to finish up completing around 4-5 hours in a day. It's usually pretty intense work as it's all close-up and concentration levels have to be high. I usually work in blocks with breaks to let my eyes rest.Sometimes the work is long and boring. For instance working on the jumper section I had to lay down 4 layers of colour:..Dark blue, medium blue, scarlet then purple..the image shown here doesn't have the definition or resolution to show the subtle mix of those colours.
I am confident that I will finish tomorrow!...probably later in the evening (GMT)...


Anonymous said...

hey Niall that is fantastic you haven't lost your touch. At least one of us found a job they loved!!!
wish i had half your talent
much love Craig Stewart