Saturday, December 30, 2006

Take a good look!

Second post today!....Some weeks ago now whilst randomly skipping through 'Next Blog'..I came upon a site featuring descriptions, just pictures which to my eye appeared to be the product of someone gifted with an extraordinary quality. The quality I saw there reminded me of the old photo-journalistic publications which showed everyday people in everyday settings imbued with a special kind of beauty that comes with living and being human. I saw architectural subjects describing a land far away but similar to my own.

It was therefore to my surprise I discovered that the Artist..Henrik admitted to only recently taken up photography. Based in Sweden, Henrik runs his blog entirely showing his photographs, no captions, no technical details...just pictures. And there I can say is the magic and beauty to be found. Where as I and many like me tend to want to offer rational and reason...Henrik offers you the chance to look through his eyes in to his world. To make up your own story and interpretation from captured moments with friends, to Stark industrial landscapes...Henrik's pictures are to my mind worth a good look.

Let him know what you think...Follow the link below:


Rayne said...

You are right. That is a fantastic blog. He has a good eye.

Ps said...

Yes, the photos are good.Did visit and left comments too.Happy new year!