Thursday, December 14, 2006

Moth around a candle

I mentioned the other day that I had once had a vision of a composition which caused me to stop what I was doing at the time and immediately start to put the new idea down as a picture. Well this is it..It dates back to around 1986 and was exactly as I imagined it in my vision. The meaning?..well basically, I originally trained as a nurse..I actually wanted to work with the elderly. In doing so I met one elderly man who had no friends and relatives..he was very bitter about life and when he died I felt a great loss.. At the time I imagined him as a Man who thought the universe centered around himself..but like a moth drawn to a candle that burns it's wings and dies..his existence appeared futile.

But it's only as I type this post that I have realised..he did not die without touching anyone..I remember him..I have preserved his memory as an illustration that calls us to remember those who are sick and a caring friend and a conduit through which rich memories and experience can be made to live in the lives of those around us.


Niall Young said...

I've just noticed the uncanny compositional resemblance between this picture and 'Hope'..!(o_o)

Ps said...

The picture is haunting.But one thing that I have realised is that we are what we are, because of our own actions.I know one amazing elderly gentleman, who is 72 now,has tonnes of friends,is fit,agile,alert and far from lonely.He really is a role model.My dad, too despite, being 65, was very enthusiastic and a "people's person".Age catches up with everyone.Our actions today mould out tomorrow.And Niall, the resemblance in composition is indeed shocking.I noticed it,but thought it was intentional.

Niall Young said...

I had no intention of repeating the composition..I think it is likely that the form is imprinted in my mind..I've lived with the 'Moth' picture for so long.