Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Hope - The inspiration.

This is the beginning of a new work. The idea sprang out of despair, the feeling of which I have had to come through..without despair, there is no place for hope, without darkness, there is no need for light. I sat to sketch a few ideas and found that I'd actually settled on yet another self portrait. This I can assure you is nothing to do with vanity, more actually to do with self realisation and rationale.

My online friend PS (check the link to :'Just a mother of two' in my links section) has been of particular support and it is therefore as a result of 'Four Candles' that I embark on this new picture.

The photo shows my original sketch in the centre , surrounded by photos taken of myself, a late evening sky and some trees at Derby Arboretum. I'll explain the significance of the various parts of the picture as it develops.

I hope you will bookmark me an keep coming back to view the progress!


Ps said...

Hey Niall, I am not your online friend--I am real! :-) I even uploaded a photo of myself on my blog to prove my existence!!:-)I think I'll make a trip to Derby to meet you and Jan, so that my status can be elevated to a "friend" instead of an "online friend":-)
But,on a serious note,"hope" as a theme sounds good.Without hope,life ceases to exist.Hope is a major driving force for almost all of us.

Niall Young said...

You are very real indeed as your picture bears testemant to! as is the influence on my work! Note I hold only one candle..hope is the last candle with which to relight all the others! :D

Ps said...

Where is your entry for today? Miss reading your post.Write!!!