Sunday, December 10, 2006

Hope 3


I have now spent about 10 hours on the face alone building up the applications of red, yellow ochre and blue..I've reached a level of intensity that leaves me satisfied to develop other areas of the have worked on the shirt and hand. I can't wait to start work on the tree, sky, stars and moon. The whole effect should mean the figure is glowing in candle light. Spoke to quite a few people at Buxton today about the meaning behind the picture..I think people take away whatever they chose to , but I believe the message is a special one.

Sold 3 prints today which covered the cost of hiring my place at the fair..however I'm not going to be able to retire just yet! Tonight I'm exhausted..let alone the scant amount of sleep I've had, the constant talking to customers answering the same questions over and over leaves me feeling drained. This is all the more difficult because I actually love telling people about what I do and the meaning behind my work. I sometimes feel as if I'm on a personal crusade which seeks to make others aware of the wonders of our life experience and how positive can be found in all things!!(except of course when it's me having a moan!)

Jan wanted me to include this picture of me at my stall. You can see the first of two boxes of prints we stayed up till late Friday night mounting and wrapping..the second box contains the same amount..sadly, we still have them!


Ps said...

Wow! How nice to be sitting in a stall surrounded by all your paintings, and people walking in and talking to you about your work!That by itself is an achievement.(I know, because I too paint--or try to!)