Sunday, December 24, 2006

Happy Christmas!

Annie wanted me to show you the cake we finished this looks good enough to eat! I've had an interesting day..Blood Groups and Shoe Spiders!..The things I read on other peoples Blogs!..I don't think (and I include myself) the author is aware of the impact upon the reader. I often find myself sitting lost in my thoughts pondering something I've read..Last night Jan asked me if there was one single person I'd met or communicated with this year who has made the greatest impact on me. I had no problem answering. It is my good friend and author of 'Just a mother of two..' P. has opened my rather parochial mind to a wider world. I am an altogether richer individual for having PS in my life!...I couldn't leave this post without also mentioning Tim, Raine, Sue and Henrick (check out the recommended blogs section)..

I love being a member of the human race..I like many am guilty of having a narrow outlook..I love peace, I love understanding and most of all (you'll be surprised to hear) I love having my preconceptions blasted out of the water..I love the richness of culture and life we find if we only just dare to step out of our doors or look out of our windows.

So may I take this opportunity to wish you peace and happiness this Christmas time.may we give thanks for the life we have and the wonderful things we have yet to discover!!!!


Ps said...

Merry Christmas Niall.The cake looks good, but Annie looks GORGEOUS and definitely cuter!!Waiting to see your completed picture..and thinking about what one reads is so essential.(I do that a lot too :-)It really helps me to broaden my pesrpective.