Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Hope 5

The image slowly spreads across the page like living tendrils of some otherworldly creature..I'm really enjoying working on this at the moment. It's not often that an idea for a picture comes so readily to mind..Many years ago it happened whilst I was working on one picture, I had a vision of something that I had to get down onto paper..there and then I started on the new project..It is thus with this picture.

It is with this sense of discovery, the 'Alchemy' where an idea crystallizes and moves from the heart and mind to the page that I wait for. (I'm in danger of sounding pretentious.......!) Needless to say, I feel passionate about what I do and writing in this way can tell you what it is behind the 'happy chappy' I often appear to be. Dark and mysterious?...oh yes!


Ps said...

I love the way the glow on your face is beginning to show in this picture.You have an amazing way of potraying the glow by the candlelight,as is obvious from your last picture.Do you really add magic?!!

Tim Young said...

From the heart
to the mind
to the page.
The heart determines
the visions the mind has,
for what the heart is full of
so speaks the mouth.
Then the heart and mind
work together
to bring the Vision
to life.

Good pic so far Im so glad you are enjoying yourself