Monday, December 18, 2006

Hope 10 The moonlit sky

6. At the end of my working day I have managed to make good headway with the sky. This is my favourite can open up a picture and make it into something special. Below is a selection of pictures showing the development of this part.
These photos should be viewed in reverse the lowest one is the earliest.
5. Have reached the other side of the page and can now envisage what it will look like for the whole picture. I have also added a couple of stars which I find just magical! Just wait and see the blue lighten as it progresses down to the horizon! I also intend to add a few wispy clouds in there too.

4. Now the concentration is tested as I slowly apply the dots in an ever expanding area. After the initial fading out of the moons light..the shade will remain fairly consistent across the page.

3. Here I have taken the shading to the edge of the page darkening the grading by adding light blue then purple. I have also erased the pencil outline to the moon.

2. Here you can see in close-up the gradual spacing of the dots so that the darker the shade, the closer the dots are placed to each other. Here the first colour I have added around the moon is a mid blue. Around three other layers of colour will be added.

1. I drew around a 2 pence coin to delineate the was just the right size. The knack now is to give the moon a glowing halo so that it sits like a frozen jewel in the picture.


Ps said...

The star studded sky is looking fantastic.If there were no stars,and only a dark sky, it would have made the picture have a sad feeling.What yo are doing makes it look really beautiful.

Niall Young said...

Thank you!..I love starlight, moonlight, candlelight. People often comment.."why do you love the dark so much?"..I tell them it's not the dark I love, but the light. It's just difficult to see the light in the daytime!