Saturday, December 02, 2006

Self 18..missing in action!

The latest photograph showing progress on my Self Portrait appears here courtesy of your imagination. ...Let me explain. This morning I set about my work as usual having taken Jan with Annie to her dance class..I worked and all seemed to be going well..but I seemed to be developing a runny nose..I started sneezing....Went out to pick Jan & Annie up..back for lunch..head starting to feel heavy...I've got a stall booked next week in Buxton (where the water comes from!) at the Pavillion Artist and Designers fair. So have to arrange for certain pieces of my work to have prints made and mounted/framed. So spent some time measuring and deliberating then went into town to my framers. Was feeling really ill by then. Finding concentrating hard I had to pick out the right coloured mounts/frames etc...We'll have to put together around 60 pieces for the fair before the end of the week.

Then Jan had to go to Ilkeston to visit my web designer who is finalising the arrangements for me to be able to sell work online. I spent the rest of the evening gradually sinking into my suffering. When Jan got back much later, she had forgotten my camera in Ilkeston. So sadly no visual update...Sorry! I didn't finish it today anyway...but will press on tomorrow.


Ps said...

I had a look at your website.It is impressive even though its incomplete--but i think you should complete it and then put up the link, else people who are looking to buy, may be disappointed, and may not check back later..Just my personal view--I may not be right of course! I, for one,will keep coming back.I think your work Is simply MARVELLOUS and deserves all the recognition it can get.Keep going!

Niall Young said...

Thanks.I think you are right.I will remove the link so that when it is opperating properly (which is any day now) I can include it on my links section.