Tuesday, February 27, 2007

and so it begins..again

Big thank yous for the kind comments you've left regarding the finished Ricky Rec. It must be interesting seeing it develop from the basic pencil sketch. So this time I've decided on my subject and have begun sketching in some of the foreground detail. I'm not going to give any clues as to the rest of the picture or for that matter the scale, as I have decided it will be more effective if you have no preconceived ideas about how it will look.

I have also included here a picture of the first finished panel pictures from St.James school. Even I was impressed with the finished piece here..which was just as well as all the Mum's and Dad's came into the hall to have a look. I know I had overall control of what developed, but it really is the children's work.Fantastic! (click for a closer look)


Ps said...

For some reason unable to take a closer look at the childrens work.Loved the colours and the concept.But thats no surprise--I love almost anyhting that you do! :-)