Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Corn 1

Just over 4 hours of dotting saw these two ladies appear out of the paper. I apologise for yesterdays very poor and blurred image..there's something wrong with my doesn't seem to remember how to meter properly and adjust it's focus. Still, this photo one seems OKish.
I remarked to Jan today how excited I am about this picture..I find starting with the first dot is full of anticipation for the journey ahead.


Devil Mood said...

Wow! This is impressive!
I'm running out of adjectives to describe your work, Niall :P
Completely realistic.

Ps said...

Really good.Was able to enlarge it this time.

Al said...

Hi, im still so in love with Ricky Rec, that i cant imagine liking another picture so much. It would feel like infidelity!!

But i wait to be amazed (as i always am) at how the magic unfolds.

Good dotting Niall, i hope you enjoy it!

Niall said...

I will enjoy and am enjoying!..I've been really taken by certain paintings by Monet recently..he painted some scenes of Parisian streets. If you get the him up and look at 'Rue Montorgueil'1878

Devil Mood said...

That Monet painting is the epithome of impressionism, isn't it?