Monday, February 12, 2007

Winter 15

Oh dear! photo seems to be a little blurred..or is it my eyes?..I have to have regular eye tests because my Father suffered Glaucoma, and the nature of my work means I need to make sure that I've always got the correct strength of glasses. I'm overdue a check just now and am feeling the strain. This picture is particularly intense with lots of work which is's important to make sure that in areas like the snowy bits..dots lie next to each other not over each other..that's the best way to get an even shade. It's not all that apparent when you look at the finished piece!..ah we're back to the nice underwear factor again!


Devil Mood said...

wow :)
Be careful with your eyes, they are a precious instrument.

Ps said...

Go get them tested.NOW.You have to take care.
The picture is turning out really well.

Tim Young said...

the picture looks great. Whats next.? How about and artists impression of what Normantom looke like befor houses were built on it? Just a Thought

Sue said...


I'm overdue an eye check too (and a few other checks) -- we should both go!

Sue said...

One more quick comment --
I'm working on a painting, too, but I can't post it yet because I'm giving it to my husband for valentines day. But it amazes me how real your work looks. I like the way my painting is coming out, but no matter how hard I try, it's never REAL.