Friday, February 23, 2007

Ricky Rec 8..close up

Went out with Jan this morning to do the shopping.But worked this afternoon and evening. Took these photos around 2:30pm..Working on the foreground trying to give the impression of tufts of grass.I had achieved the desired effect after the picture was taken so you'll see the result tommorow.
Some readers found it interesting to see the actual scale I'm working I thought I'd show a closeup of the 'action'. I'm applying a layer of purple dots here, there are also green, blue and light blue. I still haven't used any yellow!


Bob-kat said...

That picture is coming along fantastically. It really is developing a 'feel' to it now and it was interesting to see the scale you are working to!

Devil Mood said...

Well, now I'm even more impressed. It's a really small frame...your hands can't really afford to shake there!

Ps said...

I was stunned when you first told me that you use a .25mm pen.I was thinking about 2mm (have only used that) This is amazing.