Thursday, February 15, 2007

'Ricky Rec'-Preparitory drawing

'Ricky Rec' otherwise known as Rykneld Park Recreation ground is the subject for my next piece. We walk our Daughter Annie to school through this small park every day. One day last week,I took a photo because the sun was shining so wonderfully through the trees towards me over the frost covered grass. I've decided to use an area of this photo to base my next picture on. I am still keeping one eye on my exhibition coming up next month and realise that this picture in the same format as 'Winter', will look good alongside it.

At time of writing, I've already started dotting on the picture..before tomorrows post, see if you can guess where my first dots will be!

On a slightly different note..congratulations to 'Muse' who won the 'Brit Award' for Best Live Band. Also to Amy Winehouse:..Best Female artiste.Sadly the sublime Lilly Allen missed out.


Ps said...

Guessing it to be on the trunk of the tree in the middle.

Devil Mood said...

Poor Lily...must have been really sad afterwards. But her self-esteem doesn't need awards, she won't change because of that!
Amy Winehouse is definitely the best singer, her voice is enormous!