Friday, February 16, 2007

Ricky Rec 1

My first dotting began on the horizon at the extreme right..(Sorry Preeti!..but not far off) It's always the case that there is lots of intensifying of colours as I go along. I usually find that once the darkest shades are established, then the contrasts are easier to judge. So I decided to start with the darkest areas over to the right. However i realised that I need to achieve some very delicate ares in the middle so I moved to work over the central tree.

You can see the various blocks of colour I've been laying down..the red is particularly visible. To tell you the truth, I don't know which colours will be best to use, so it's always a voyage of discovery. This bit Love..otherwise I suspect that the whole process would become too automatic.

Whereas the last picture was very precise and 'architectural' in its form..this is fairly loose and almost watercolour-like. I hope you will come back each day to view the progress.

I must make mention here of three significant authors you should visit. Firstly Preeti at Just A Mother Of Two then Sue at Keep In Touch. Both of who are painting from the heart and achieveing something special. Then Devilmood's blog at Love Is Stronger Than artist (or anti -artist!) who paints with words and her general 'Mood'. There are more you need to see....check out the list down the page on the left!


Devil Mood said...

Oh :)
Thanks, I really appreciate those words!
Interesting that you started painting the horizon first...Once again I get the feeling that there is something really special out there, in the distance, and I need to run out there to find out!

fancy_shmancy said...

Niall, it can't be the same Tim. The one I know isn't 43, he's not married and he doesn't live in England!!

Ps said...

Thanks Niall.nice to have an acknowledgement from a 'real' artist :-)

Sue said...

Thank you so much for your kind words -- I'm blushing!!!!