Monday, February 05, 2007

Winter 9

Work has gone well today so far..unusually I've been able to concentrate for around five hours..this doesn't include any I do tonight. Do you remember from an earlier post where I refered to the moment when a spark of magic suddenly takes me and the picture becomes 'special'?..well that happened today as I worked on the fine branches and twigs shown below in the detail.It always feels good to hit a period when time seems to matter less and I become
totally absorbed in the colour. This morning I felt as if the sky was felt cold and full of light. Jan was suggesting that we get this one enlarged as big as possible..maybe to use as a poster to advertise my upcoming exhibition. I must admit, the prospect of seeing it enlarged is attractive. It's this thought that spurs me on to do large scale oil paintings..although not as refined as this technique, can you imagine what effect using a small brush will achieve?..the idea is exciting. I might try to see how big I can make the dots and still render an image of such refinement. The possibilities are mouth watering for me. It's with these thoughts that I look forward to the coming year. It's an adventure of risk. My school project comes to an end this week as far as classes go. So it will be a matter of getting stuff ready to sell at the exhibition in March. How will it all work out? this space!


Tim Young said...

high quality as always keep up the good work.

Ps said...

The magic really shows.It is wonderful that you got so much done.Now I've been following your posts for so long that I know how much time and effort each of your pictures involve.

misti said...

Hi, this is for the first time i am visiting ur blog and i am simply awestuck by the paintings, fabulous :-)