Thursday, February 08, 2007

Winter 12

Whilst most of the region grinds to a halt because of the snow..I've stayed cozy and warm at my drawing table. Today I've worked on the trees to the right..Once past them,I'll be close to finishing!

The other pictures were taken this morning as snow started to fall. Here you can see Jan as she sets off for Chesterfield to do one of her Psychiatric role plays for Junior Doctors. Jan has to play an acutely ill person and the Doctors interview her whilst being assessed by a lecturer. Jan was a bit apprehensive about travelling in such circumstances but it's a case of no work, no pay!


petter said...

hi niall! thanks for your comments!! i like yor paintings too, you paint every day?

Niall Young said...

Hi Petter..hank you for sropping by!..Yes, I draw every day if is how I make my living !

Ps said...

Brrrr..I think I prefer looking at snow pictures rather than actually experiencing it!