Saturday, February 10, 2007

Winter 14

It's been a fairly relaxed kind of a day here. I've done some work on the bushes and snow. the family have been in and out..Jan is out just now giving a piano lesson the Sheriden. Sam's gone to a gig at a club in Derby, Will's watching TV and Annie's making a treasure hunt for us to do!

On a day such as this, it's all about 'managing the family' giving lifts, going shopping etc..I used to imagine that being an artist would mean a more Bohemian lifestyle..lounging around in Kaftan's having strange and interesting people dropping in to discuss the nature of art..stretching long into the night,reading poetry, drinking Absinthe and eating grapes.


Ps said...

A friend of mine said "Sometimes Imagination is worse than reality" :-)I laughed then.I'm laughing reading your post imagining you lounging in a kaftan :-)

dharmabum said...

not quite what u had imagined, eh? :)

so, is this the new work - the last time iwas here i saw the approaching train and was floored. this one's darned good too. is it also the same technique? if it is (which it sure looks like!) i really appreciate your patience :)

am linking u, hope u don't mind.

Bob-kat said...

I really like the cropped part of your picture focusing on the path.

Absinthe and grapes eh? Sound slike a healthy diet to me! :-)