Sunday, February 25, 2007

Beginings and endings

As my friend Devilmood would say: "This is how I feel today'. Here is the brilliant Sundays with 'Here's Where The Story Ends'. A version of which I first heard by Tin Tin Out featuring Shelly Nelson.(it isn't on Youtube sadly). Someone once said, that the two important things we need to learn is when to begin something and when to end it. Sometimes we persevere with something that should simply stop.It is not a failure, but part of growing. For a flower to bloom, it must stop being a seed,to arrive at your destination,you must stop when you get there. Maybe I'm being too simplistic?But this song resonates in my heart back to a time when I left a job I'd been doing for a long time..on my last day, this song played on the radio..and yes,I cried as I frequently do.

I've probably missed the whole point of the song, but don't trust me..judge for yourself and let me know what you think it's about.!

Here's Where The Story Ends.

People I know, Places I goMake me feel tongue tied

I can see how people look downThey're on the inside

Here's where the story ends

People I see, weary of meShowing my good side

I can see how people look downI'm on the outside

Here's where the story ends

Ooh, Here's where the story ends

It's that little souvenir of a terrible yearWhich makes my eyes feel sore

Oh I never should have said the books that you readWere all I loved you for

It's that little souvenir of a terrible yearWhich makes me wonder why

And it's the memories of the shed that make me turn red

Surprise, surprise, surprise

Crazy I know, places I goMake me feel so tired

I can see how people look downI'm on the outside

Oh, Here's where the story ends

Ooh, Here's where the story ends

It's that little souvenir of a terrible yearWhich makes my eyes feel sore

And who ever would've thought the books that you broughtWere all I loved you for

Oh the devil in me said go down to the shedI know where I belong

But the only thing I ever really wanted to sayWas wrong, was wrong, was wrong

It's that little souvenir of a colorful yearWhich makes me smile inside

So I cynically, cynically say the world is that way

Surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise, surprise

Here's where the story endsOoh, Here's where the story ends


Al said...

I think this is the musical equivalent to HRH lizzie's annus horribilus! I've always loved this song. Who is the guy in the band? He sems more familiar to me. Did the band evolve into another group??

Yes, your comments sturck a note. If one could get ones beginnings and endings in order we'd all be alot less messed up.

How's Ricky rec today?? I walked kids to school today too, but sadly not through lovely park!

Regards, Al

Ps said...

Niall,Hope you are feeling better by the time you read this comment.Nice to see a video on your blog.Yes, there are times in your life, when endings are painful, but they may be actually beautiful beginnings which one does not realise.
What we are outside is so different from the 'real us'in most of our cases.It is only a few privileged people that get to see the real you.And I think thats how it should be too.I loved the line "people I see,weary of me,showing my good side" (strangely I blogged about that today)

Niall said...

Al..I'm affraid I don't know much about the band..have a look at:

Preeti:.This has to be one of my all time favourite songs.The clichet which says "as one door closes another opens" is a good one!

Niall said...

..Sometimes it is down to us to shut the door!

Devil Mood said...

I love this song! I first heard the Tin Tin Out version as well, but this is good too. I like to try to understand the meaning of song lyrics but I always feel like I'm not the one to say what they mean, so I like it when the artists explain.
Of course, there are some artists that say that the true meaning is the one each one of us give the song when we listen to it. And there are also times when I forget about meanings and just sing along :)

Niall said...

I found the old Tin Tin Out version on a tape today and played it when I went to pick Annie up..(I parked at the top of the hill and walked down through the park)I too favour the viewer/listener/reader to descern their own meanings.

Devil Mood said...

Nice :)