Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Ricky Rec 5 -Some detail

Work is going to plan. I'm discovering new things as I work! Today I wanted to replicate the shade I used on the right of the central tree trunk for the left. I'd actually only used red and green with some blue..but somehow, higher up there seems to be quite a lot of yellow. Now I haven't used any yellow!!I can only surmise that the red is causing an illusion with the green which is as we know made up of blue and yellow..somehow it causes the eye to see the yellow in the green. It's not so obvious here, but seeing it in the flesh in daylight is astounding.

I've included here a close up of the tree- line. Annie and I often walk up a path which runs through these trees (you can make it out in the picture as a darker line sloping up from right to left). Click on the image to get a closer view of the dots. The colours to seem to cloud around each other..if only it weren't so small!


petter said...

this is so cool. have u ever drawn portraits? that would be awesome to see.

Ps said...

Seeing is NOT believing!How the eye gets tricked.Would not have relaised that you havent used yellow, if you hadnt mentioned.How lovely to be able to reproduce those everyday scenes with such vivid detail.To me,it is having the power to freeze some magical moments without a camera, forever.

Niall said...

Petter:.if you click on my 'labels' section under 'Finished Pictures' you'll see a couple of my self portraits!

PS:..Thank you!The trick is to do something a camera can't do..otherwise I may as well have just taken a photo...Some people visiting my exhibitions have mistaken my work for photographs..in some ways it's actually quite flattering!

Devil Mood said...

Absolutely, it seems like there's yellow! Fantastic! It seems to me as I'm looking at that landscape and covering my eyes from the sunrays but there are some that still go through...and seem to illuminate my eyelashes. It's great!

Bob-kat said...

It seems like a lovely place to take a walk.

It's amazing how the mind interprets the images captured by our eyes isn't it?