Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Ricky Rec 6-The eyes have it.

Spent a little less time on this today because I spent the morning going to the optician's!!(About time!). The bad news was my right eye has deteriorated and I now have a bit of a squint..(all I need is a hump on my back to complete the look!) lenses are fantastic!!

I go to an optical lab famous for it's claim that glasses will be ready in one hour. Sitting in the shop waiting to complete the paperwork and payment.The shop assistant sat opposite me and earnestly said "I'll just go and see when your glasses will be ready"...I glanced up on the wall of the shop and there in two foot high letters is the slogan "Your glasses ready in one hour"..she returned and unsurprisingly told me "They'll be ready in an hour" reply of "I kind of knew you were going to say that" was not received with the irony it was armed with. Just to throw a spanner in the cosmic works..I went back after 55 minutes...and guess what?...They were ready!


Tim Young said...

Hi there Igor hows the hump coming. pic looks great. then again with your tallant it was never in doubt

Devil Mood said...

Wow, great job from the lab!
Sorry about your eye, though. I always worry about my eyes, I have really strong glasses ..well, not that anyone would know because I wear contact lenses haha
Nobody knows I'm blind as a...bat, is it?

Rayne said...

This picture is beautiful. You know...with the squint and the hump you would be perfect for my Noodle-Land court as an ambassader. Now if we could get you to drool and twitch a bit I bet the annoying politicians, lobbyists and other riff-raff would leave most quickly.

Sue said...

I can't wait to see how it continues.

I can only imagine how hard on your eyes it is to work on such tiny little dots... take frequent rests, maybe?

Ps said...

Glad you finally went and got it done.