Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Ricky Rec Finished!

I've just decided that I've finished working on this picture. Someone once correctly said that if you need to look for things to do on a picture, then it's probably time to stop.So I have. In all it's taken just 39 hours and 50 minutes! Sadly the photograph doesn't really show the colours off too well. There is more of a green tone to the picture in the flesh. I've discovered that my camera has a bump on it..I've no idea how it got there and my three children also have no idea. It is now distorting colours in certain lights.
I have a very good idea of what I'm going to attempt next. I had said I'd do a portrait of my daughter Annie..but haven't got the right composition worked out yet. So I've been reviewing a set of photos I took last summer in Derby which gave rise to the 'Osnabruck Square' picture and the 'Saint Peter's Street Angel'..I've been telling the children at school all about the French Impressionists and we've been looking particularly at work by Monet. This is a style I might repeat in dots for my next piece. But for now, I'll get this post up and have some lunch.


Al said...

Excellent! I cant wait to see it in real life!! Me and J are coming to your exhibition on the saturday, bad weather and acts of god permitting! Hope to see you then.

Niall said...

That will be fantastic!How long will you be staying?..maybe we should get as many POD members together?..

Devil Mood said...

It's great!
I've just shown it to my Mum and she loved it. :)

Bob-kat said...

That is lovely :-)