Monday, February 26, 2007

Ricky Rec 10

You can see how the foreground alters the mood of the picture and gives it some depth.It's actually been a test to see if I can create the effect of the grass without making it look like waves on water. I've just got back from fetching Annie from school. We walked up past this view so I took a shot of what it looks like with the sun coming from the opposite direction.

I've been 'haunted' by the song from yesterdays post..has stuck with me all day..I love the way a song can infiltrate all that you do and think about.


Devil Mood said...

I'm constantly invaded by songs and feel completely unable to control it, they do what they want with me. lol
It's looking spectacular! I'm sure the grass will be a true challenge; for now it looks as though there's snow on the ground, or maybe gravel.

Al said...

Thanks for my daily fix Niall on progress!! The contrast between the snow of winter and the verdent green of a very early spring is astonishing! I like the snow though. I always have, there is something about the stillness and untouched peace of the place in the snow. Its untouchedness (is there such a word?) is proven by the lack of foot prints in the snow. It resonates peace and solitude. You capture it beautifully. I am still amazed at the way you have represented the effect of light on snow. I cant help but feel a picture of the green version would hold so much less.... What do you think?

Ps said...

If you hadn't posted the photo I would have presumed that it is going to be snow.I love the way you work on details.I showed your pictures to my brother who was here oer the weekend and he was very very impressed.
Keep up the terrific work Niall.

Bob-kat said...

I agree - certain songs can stay with me for days sometimes. Some songs make me sad adn some make me happy and some have great menaing attached to them for me also (from your previous post).

Your pic is looking great and I agree with Devil mood - it reminds me of snow. I think it might be the blueness that makes it feel cool :-) It was nice tyo see the photo of it too.