Sunday, February 18, 2007

Ricky Rec 3

I thought this picture would be quick..but I was chatting with Jan earlier about how I've noticed a progression in recent months to the accuracy of my dotting..I'm trying to achieve a greater degree of refinement. It's not a conscious effort, but things seem to be going that way. I suppose the thing to do would be to consciously go in the opposite direction..stop messing about with ink and slap paint on instead. Well those who've been with me since last year will know this is all part of the plan!..mwoahahaha!
Here's wishing you all a satisfying and productive week to come...well Monday..I'm ready for ya..give me your best shot!


Ps said...

What plan? And why 'slap' poor paint?Do you hate paint? :-)

Aditi said...

As I scrolled through and saw how winter looked when you started out and the finished product.. WOW
i cant wait to see what ricky rec will look like finished..

fancy_shmancy said...

oooo!!!! sorry!!! yeah, it is the same Tim, sorry, I'm just stupid!!!

fancy_shmancy said...

yea, it is the same tim!