Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Winter 11

Have completed the work on the trees to the left of the picture (see to enlarge) now must push on to get the right side done.
I'm really pleased with the overall effect of the above detail..the colours are good and gives a good feel for the actual place.

Here I've 'sketched' with a basic layer of dots the main shapes of the tree , next I need to define the buildings, then start to add detail and deeper colours. Incidentally, we've had a weather warning here in UK today about heavy snow tomorrow..I know they've said this we'll see. Expect more snowy scenes to feature here!


Devil Mood said...

That is really reminding me of a garden we have near my house. With tall, ancient trees, with no leaves, right now.

Ps said...

Love the second picture.Your talent still amazes me even though I've been seeing your work for so many months now.