Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ricky Rec 2

Weekends usually mean less time spent on drawing. At least I was able to deepen the contrast across the horizon..I have a good feeling about this.Today I went down into town to buy a birthday present for my younger son Will who will be 12 next week..I bought him an England Rugby shirt..(he's been to see Derby v Ilkeston at the Rugby club today..). I then visited the Oxfam Charity shop where I bought a book recommended to me on my Amazon page and one that Jan and I think my friend Kay has read by Maggie O'Farrell called 'After You'd Gone' sounds like being an interesting story.

I mentioned to Devilmood the other day that it is when I'm sat drawing in full flow that I feel 'complete'..I realise this is a very subjective thing..but we each have a 'Happy place' as Happy Gilmour might call it..I wonder where yours is?


Devil Mood said...

I'm not sure I know where my happy place is. I feel happy when I write, but I also feel insane sometimes, and angry and frustrated when things don't come out right. hehe
Happy birthday to your son! I'm positive he'll like the shirt.

Al said...

Hi Niall, Maggie Farrells book is excellent, hope you like it. The picture is coming along beautifully. Wonderful as always

Ps said...

Where is my happy place?Usually it is inside my head--so it is ometimes hard to reach :-)