Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Winter 16..The end is in sight.

I've moved into the third week on this one.Should have finished it by now, but haven't. Decided that I'm not in a race! Worked on the snow covered bank in the middle. I seem to have worked for hours on it with very little to show.

Sue sent me a comment on yesterdays post in which she talks about her latest painting not looking 'real'. I'm often telling people I meet at my exhibitions that 'reality' is an overrated thing. In painting there is so much more to represent. I've often talked about the 'Alchemical' nature that brings thoughts and emotions into life on the page/canvas etc...Have you ever stood in front of a painting ..like Monet's 'Water Lillie's'?...it is really only an 'Impression' ..clouds of colour suggesting form. But (you'll have to believe me here!) it seems to hum..vibrate with peace..it touches something inside. There are many other paintings which I've seen that do this to me..everyone has a different way of being affected.

The point is..Sue..everyone..painting is a bit like sex. You can get a manual that teaches technique..but when you make love to a person you love..there is a transcendental wonder that takes place. Therefore (are you still with me?) you can paint with all the technical skill there is..but with out the desire to create..it'll be cold and clinical. you know when someone is sincere by more than the words they use.. You can convey the deepest nature of things if you let that desire control what you do.

Well..with all that 'arty farty' stuff..I'd better get my Kaftan on and light some incense!


Ps said...

Niall--I agree so much with you.A friend on mine showed my painting to HIS friend who is an online art dealer--and asked her, her opinion as 'she knows her art'.She replied "Nobody knows art.I just react to it.And my reactions are very good". Well, she got extra brownie points from me because she LOVED my work :-)
Nowadays, we have photos to depict reality.(Wasn't so, a few centuries ago--therefore the insistence on depiction of 'reality') According to me, a painting has to make you feel.If it does, then your picture has spoken--and it is good.So never mind about reality--as long as you convey the emotion--it is great.That's what I believe in.

dharmabum said...

not sure abt the arty farty stuff, just not my cup of tea...

but reality - boy it sure is overrated. i think its bcoz of all the logical thinking ways we been fed by our educational system

Sue said...

I definitely need you to take a look at my painting on my site and see what you think. I wish you could see it in real life.

I have that transcendental experience of joy while I'm painting. And I love the way this painting makes me feel. But I still have this idea that I should have done it better. My imagination is always so much grander.

Be truthful if you comment it... I can take criticism...