Thursday, January 17, 2008

Astro Skies.

As the first of two posts today, I'd like to introduce you (if you don't know already)to a little business venture my good friend and author of the blog 'Love is stronger than pride' Devilmood has recently started. Back in November last year, DM asked me to create a banner for her new site called Astro Skies. As a qualified Psychologist and Counsellor, DM wanted to use her professional experience and her life long interest in astrology. Astro Skies is NOT a fortune telling service, instead it helps you to understand aspects of your personality and the way we view ourselves in relation to our life goals and interpersonal relationships. As part of Astro skies service, you can purchase an individually tailored Birth Chart and analysis written by DM. Above is a photograph of the chart Astro Skies did for me running to some 25 pages. Astro Skies does not use commercially available software to formulate the chart, but each one is hand drawn by DM.
Why not pay a visit and check it out for yourself by clicking on the banner or the link below. You can also find the Astro Skies banner link further down on the links section of this blog.


Devil Mood said...

I love that photo!!
It looks for real:)
Niall, if you ever get tired of painting, you can be an excellent advertiser ;)
Thanks for your support.