Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Spirit - 4

I had no idea what his expression would be like as I drew because I used two source photos to get the proportions and the 'feel' of the hair, then made op the shape of the he's turned out a fairly wise old looking chimp with a slight hint of naughtiness..for reasons you'll see later.


Devil Mood said...

He's sweeeet! :)

Ps said...

Why does his personality strikingly resemble yours? (or at least my perception of your personality!)LOVED this one.

Julie Schuler said...

Dear me! That is a very naughty-looking monkey! ... Oh wait, I was looking too far to the left! :)

Nessa said...

I like his face.

Bob-kat said...

There's definitely mischief in those eyes :)

Niall said... really think so?...that's because he is, if PS is to be believed!

PS...You think he resembles my personality?..according to Julie that's not all he resembles!

Julie...eek! (or should I say ook?)Does this mean i need a new profile picture or should I just accept that I do have visible primate tendencies? too..especially since he resembles me!(see Julie's comment!)

Bobkat... you'd better believe it!