Monday, January 07, 2008

L'inattendu - 20

It's all looking rather comical to my eyes..perhaps because I've been looking up those skirts for the last few weeks. It's kind of lost it's novelty...It's as if the Star Man is turning around to me and saying.."Are you serious !?" The truthful answer is : " Yes I am! "

I'm moving into the last couple of days on this now..I need to get to work on something new.


Mo'a said...

Happy New Year! I am liking this there is so much to see and so much to imagine about what is going on...hmmmm!!! what is about to happen? I think dancer # 6 is up to no good.

Julie Schuler said...

Did Cezanne ever find his apples absurd? I wonder.

Devil Mood said...

The skirts remind me of that very vain bird with multiple colours, I can't remember the name in english. :P

Miranda's Art said...

Amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!


Bob-kat said...

I must say that I find the symbols on the front of the stage intriging.

The waitress makes me smile a little - it's as if she is tutting inwardly at the dancer who is not kicking properly!

Ps said...

Loved those little circular things on the side of the stage [with the skull, butterfly, peacock(?)]

Niall said...

Mo'a..And a Happy new Year to you too!..Dancer #6 has not been with the troop very long..she used to work as a welder down at the ship yard.

Julie...His apples were's hids plums most people talk about.

DM..Yes..The Peacock..but that is a male bird..(maybe our dancers are a bunch of men?..some of theor legs do look a little on the beefy side!)

Miranda's Art..Hello Texas!Welcome..I've visited your site breifly..I'll return have a prodigious talent!'re the only person to identify it correctly :The Peacock butterfly!