Tuesday, January 08, 2008

L'inattendu - 21

I've spent the day putting the background in..The heads only vaguely hinted at behind the raised skirts are not to my liking and especially the two on the extreme right will undergo a little redefinition tomorrow. But for today, I've spent enough time concentrating...the progress you see here since yesterdays post represents about 6 solid hours of work.
After I posted the the above paragraph..I went back to work on the top part of the picture and have sorted out the bits I didn't like..I find it frustrating that you don't get to see the picture at it's full size..it's much more dynamic and detailed. Here is a closeup photo which shows me working on the ghostly face in the background.
you'll see a big difference tomorrow ...I might even finish!


Devil Mood said...

wow, I actually got a little dizzy looking at the patterns!
I really like the butterflies.

Nessa said...

There's so much going on; many surprises every where I look. Amazing.

Julie Schuler said...

Those heads peering over the flounces! They are so eerie, almost disembodied. Like the ghosts of voyeurs!

Craig Photography said...

If you get a chance please check out the question on my blog today (1/10/08. I would be very intrested in your view..

Peace ~ John