Thursday, January 31, 2008

My bloody Valentine

Are you stuck for the perfect way to tell some one how much you'd like to give them your heart?...Well why not go a little bit further..throw in your liver, brains and kidneys too!..Tell her she's the Ghoul for you..or tell him you want him to be your Boy Fiend!

These wonderful and original cards are designed by Julie Schuler and are available NOW if you visit The House Of Kewpie.
(All images are copyright. Please do not reproduce)


Nessa said...

Very clever and unsentimental; D

Julie Schuler said...

Thanks for helping me give them one last shove!

Devil Mood said...

Makes a change from the pink fluffy usual!

shannymar said...

My hubby would love these instead of the usual (horror movie buff)! Awesome!

Niall said... who are you going to give one to?

Julie...It's my pleasure.

DM...Pinkish in a blood red kinda fluffy here though..sometimes it's just good to 'cut' to the chase!

Shannymar..You need to order some quick in time for the day!!