Monday, January 28, 2008

Spirit - 12

I've spent the whole working day on what you see here..around 5 hours so far.I've managed to create the effect of the seams up the front of the bodice and I think the buttons look OK.(Imagine doing those up each morning?..I guess that's why one has a maid?!) I'm also being a little more fastidious because it's Julie.

I had an idea which is a little daft. Why don't I advertise my services to produce high quality portraits where the customer can have themselves in any situation/costume/era etc...? If you were able to have a custom made portrait...what would you chose?

Here's a view from a couple of days ago..firstly you'll get an idea of the scale of the picture, and secondly , you can see my little sketch book in which i'm working on how the background will look. I usually get plenty of time to play around with ideas for the back ground ...I've now spent just under 50 hours on the actual picture and won't start work on the scenery for another day or so! It is however important to know what i'm going to do when the time comes.


Julie Schuler said...

Wow! I'm totally hot for me! The dress is excellent.

I would commission a piece where I am dressed in a lovely satiny gown, being attended to by several mysterious and handsome gentlemen in brocade waistcoats and mid-calf shiny boots. At least one should have his hands up my skirt. Another should feed me beautifully decorated cakes, and more should be bringing me shiny jewels and money! I'd look at it every day.

Devil Mood said...

God, Oskur is HUGE compared to Julie, he's scary!

That's a lovely idea, I'm picturing myself dancing the tango you know where....That'd be niiiice :)

Nessa said...

Amazing detail.

Tys on Ice said...

as a viking!

riding in full gear on a long ship all alone, on a sea of humanity...

u can of course use ur creativity and make me a lot thinner :)

Niall said...

Julie...OK boys..form an orderly queue!

DM...Argentina and the a dark and sultry bar?

Nessa...Thank you :-)

Tys...All alone,and all that raping pillaging to do!...again boys..form and orderly queue!