Thursday, January 03, 2008

L'inattendu - 17

Jonice yesterday commented that she liked the fact that I live and learn..I think in fact that we all do this. But in my case the majority of my learning is done whilst producing pictures, sometimes very deep and intimately personal and the way i relate to those who see them. It is my desire and goal to lay myself approach and allow that which is within me take shape on the paper.This is a risky business for someone who is actually, basically a very shy person.But the obligation of the artist is that which is binding and inescapable.."To thy own self be true"...anything less is to be a ineffectual and irrelevant.

I'll perhaps tell you what this picture is about when i get to the end.


Devil Mood said...

I wonder if the best artist is the one who exposes themselves completely yet very subtly...? Or is it the one who isn't subtle at all?
Either way, the exposure is necessary for true art, for reaching out to others (which is art), so it takes a brave person to do that. Or a mad one.

Niall said...

DM..Am I brave or mad?

I think the best artist is the one whose work exposes the viewer!

Devil Mood said...

That's true - but to expose the viewer one must reach out and connect first and many times this is done by exposing themselves.

Brave or Mad? I think you can be both.

Julie Schuler said...

Sometimes, unfortunately, I associate all of "learning" with trying to gain an advantage of something- money, position, time,etc. outside myself. Thanks for reminding me I ought not neglect the subtle learning that redefines the interior of a person. It is just as important.

Nessa said...

I love all of the little hidden surprises.

Niall said...'re right of course!..There's no foxing you!

Julie...'Internal learning'is something that goes on all the time..we have to chose to look and learn.your work is something that prompts this in me so strongly!

Nessa...Do you know what all the hidden surprises are?