Thursday, January 24, 2008

Spirit - 10

Slow going on this's incredibly focusing to one's concentration to be working on a portrait i really want to get right! I have carefully added each and every dot making sure that it's in it's right place, taking frequent breaks to step away from the work and focus on something distant. I'm fairly pleased with the likeness I've achieved here.
whilst working on Julie's portrait, I've decided to have a second area upon which to work..I like the discipline of presenting architectural work. The church shown here is Dunbar Parish church in Scotland where I holidayed last summer.


Julie Schuler said...

How strange! To see me looking out at me! And how precise! That is my crooked smile! I do wish my hair were that curly, and that I had pierced ears. Get in line now, you lot! Red rumpers for all!

Ps said...

Likeness is astounding!Brilliant.I know how hard it is to draw portraits.(Have tried)

Nessa said...


VJ said...

Happy New Year to you Niall. As always I like your consistency towards perfection.Julie's portrait is coming out really well!

Niall said...

julie..Spank you very much!

PS...:-) is such a relief to get to this could all have gone very wrong!

Nessa...Thank you!

VJ...I'm not aiming for perfection..but I aim to do the best I can.