Thursday, January 17, 2008

Spirit - 5

I've now started to work on the legs of the wooden figure .The relationship between Oskur and the figure is very significant as you will see.

The pose I've chosen for Oskur happened by accident..his shoulders were to have been visible above his head, his right shoulder was to have filled the left of the page here..but a more dynamic pose suggested itself showing him almost looking around the figure..I like this better than what I had planned before..

I'm off to scratch myself now and look in the fruit bowl for a banana.....ook! Why?..well read the comments section on yesterday's post!


Julie Schuler said...

Oskur looks very nice. And you don't look like a monkey, at least, not any more than anyone else does. I just saw the opportunity, and I took it.

Devil Mood said...

Oskur obviously has a life of its own, he even chooses his own pose :)