Monday, January 14, 2008

Spirit - 2

I feels good to be off on another adventure.The preparation time before starting has been reduced simply by starting before all the elements have been refined and finalised.This si an ongoing process which requires some particular concentration as you will see in due course. Mean while..I have presented the photographs in order of the most recent at the top. At the bottom is my initial sketch onto the paper before inking. It is unusual for me to 'sketch' directly onto the paper with out preparing a finished drawing in another book, making a tracing and transferring it by that method.

Drawing is probably one of the most important aspects in producing art work..good draughtsmanship is the skeleton upon which everything else hangs. I do realise that this is rather a dated philosophy, but one which suits my style of working. No matter what style one aspires to..observation and accurate drawing tunes the eye and the co ordination of mind to hand...

To prove that drawing is a basic discipline, below is an beautiful deceptively simple drawing made by a famous artist...can you guess who it is by?......answer tomorrow!


Devil Mood said...

I'm glad it's not your drawing because I really don't think much of it. Now, Oskur's eyes I like.

Julie Schuler said...

It's a Picasso! Heavily informed by his friend and rival- Mattisse!

If I'm wrong, I would just reverse the order of the names as they appear in the above statement.

Jonice said...

It's Pablo Picasso's!!!

Well, Niall, I dis miss visiting your blog but today I was able to make up for everything I hadn't seen nor read.

Know what? Besides being a fan of your art I'm also a fan of your writing, it sounds so close, as if you were actually talking to us. Cool!

Ah-ha! A picture of Oskur :) I'm fond of him.

What a beautiful work Sir Lawrence Alma Tadema's is. I hadn't had the pleasure of meeting him yet.

Loved Will's picture!

Have a nice week :)

Nessa said...

I agree with Julie.

And the eyes, the eyes...

Bob-kat said...

I'm guessing Picasso as well :)

I couldn't agree more with you - if a sketch is the foundation of the drawing then it must be good and strong to support what the artist does next.

BTW - I love snow too :) I think people are so ready to complain about it that they don't stop and actually look at it and how beautiful it is.