Friday, January 04, 2008

L'inattendu - 18

At last i can give you a better idea of what the balance of the composition is like now that most of the components are in place..( I have background to fully decide upon, but I think I know what will be fitting!)

I would like to focus a little on the learning curve that my work is going through at the moment. But a lot of what is going on inside my creative little head is due in some great measure to the influence of Julie Schuler. I've mentioned her work many times before, but if you haven't visited her site recently, then I urge you to do so.Julie is preparing for an exhibition coming up in the spring..along with another talented artist Annie McVicar. Julie is working on a series of Nursery rhythm interpretations.The detail and atmosphere with which Julie presents her compositions has caused me to stare in wonder and respect. the richness of imagery is to me something that I'd like everyone to enjoy,and one day perhaps the whole world will. But for now, have a look and see what I'm going on can also order online prints and some pretty special Valentine cards too.


Devil Mood said...

You are fortunate to be inspired by artist brothers and sisters. :)

Julie Schuler said...

Gosh! Such flattery! I'm all ablush!