Saturday, January 12, 2008

Spirit of Oskur -Preparation

Dear reader..I am about to embark on a picture which will probably define the way people view me for many years to least that's what i hope will happen. You join the process of composition a few days into it's I am working on sketches of Oskur. My little black and white portable television glows eerily ...I was watching a film starring James Stewart..'The Spirit Of St. Louis' tells the story of Charles Lindberg who became the first man to fly from New York to Paris non stop....the screen shows Lindberg as he approached the French was pure coincidence that he was looking out over my work as I photographed it! (he looks a little 'Chimp-like' in his goggles!). Funnily was the reverse journey to America that I wish i could have taken as I worked on this piece.
Perhaps you'll return to see how this develops in the coming weeks...but be warned..if you found interpretation of 'L'inattendu''ll need all your wits about you for this one!!


Nessa said...

At first I thought you were drawing Jimmy Stewart until I saw the monkey to the right; D

Devil Mood said...

Well, you're certainly ambitious and that's great in an artist. I think I'm happy to just observe instead of truing to interpret...for now, at least.

Julie Schuler said...

What draftsmanship! And a nice, cozy, little clutter you have there.