Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Spirit - 14

Have you ever thought about those stupid 'Why?' know, the ones that go "Why no matter what colour bubble bath you put in your bath are the bubbles always white?"..or the 'Where?' questions like "On Noah's ark, where did he put the Wood Peckers?"...or even.."on Noah's many rabbits were there after 40 days and nights?"...these things go through you mind when you spend all day dotting!


Ps said...

ha ha ha--i find that hard to believe!

Devil Mood said...

I need to start dotting!

Julie Schuler said...

tee hee hee. And what did you come up with? Where does one put the peckers?

Niall said...

PS..Well..not ONLY things like that, but some other stuff too!

DM...Give it a go!

Julie..Peckers?...They go in the Hole'd!