Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Spirit - 9

Sorry for the delay in posting today..creating the sketches which would be correct was a long and drawn out process. Here you see my 'Maid' who appears to be in the process of being spanked by non other than my good friend and colleague Julie Schuler.Julie appears ( with her permission) as a strict Victorian ma'rm.In the back ground you can also make out a church which similar to 'the game' will be being struck by lightning from the boiling clouds above. The sky will hide more secrets as the riddle like quality of this picture develops.

Some of you may have been expecting a rather 'cute' rendition of Oskur playing with this wooden figure..but as with many of my recent works..a rather darker aspect is emerging. I am trying to push the 'envelope' which defines my a little bolder..a little more outspoken.The meaning?..well for once, i will refrain from any fact a quote I have recently discovered will suffice:

"Everyone wants to understand art.Why not try to understand the song of a bird?Why does one love the night,flowers,everything around one, without trying to understand them? But in the case of a painting..people have to understand...People who try to explain paintings are barking up the wrong tree."


Nessa said...

Good quote. I like to experience art and writing and poetry without dissecting it or analyzing it. Can't wait for this to unfold.

Julie Schuler said...

Well, the maid seems to be quite pleased! That's good. I like for everyone to have a nice time.

Ps said...

What a surprise!
I liked the quote--but sometimes paintings have to be explained as not everyone is gifted enought or talented enought to understand them.

Niall said...

Nessa...Sadly, i am the one who wants to know what a painting is about..all my works have in many cases deep significance.It's just that they are significant to me and usually no one else. but many visitors to my exhibitions like to put their own meanings to the pictures...I find this rather exciting!

Julie...I suppose she does look a little on the pleased side...this might change of course!

PS...It really isn't always necessary to understand what the picture is about..if you like it..then it's OK..if you don't like it..then it's still OK.

Devil Mood said...

hehe Julie!

It's so interesting that she's there :)