Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spirit - 3

I had a spot of the old 'Man flu' this morning(that's 'slight head cold' to those who aren't familiar with the phrase!) The main disadvantage to where I currently work is I'm right beside my bed..so once I'd seen the kids off to school..I had the choice of bed or chair...guess which one I chose?..anyway, I've got back to work this afternoon..I'm really enjoying seeing this cheeky monkey take shape..I've gone back in my memory and you know, i can't think of any occasion where I've drawn an animal...yes, I've drawn a little Great Tit in my last picture..but nothing like this. I also took a few reference photos to work from for the wooden figure.

Yesterday I posed a question relating to the sketch. ..the Artist in question was of course Pablo Picasso 1881 - 1973. Apparently the drawing was done on August 30 1951, and is of Genevieve Laporte who was a French Resistance fighter in WW2. but it shows that no matter what you feel about the artists later choice of expression, he did have a very keen and accurate sense of line and form.

So well done to all of you who got it right..a weeks complementary accommodation for each of you in my palatial country retreat with all the champagne you can drink and access to your own personal masseuse and beauty therapist!


Devil Mood said...

Still don't think the Picasso drawing is particularly impressive but maybe it's my unconscious talking.
Hope you're feeling better!

Julie Schuler said...

Wow! I never won anything before. Wait a minute, is this the kind of "vacation" where I turn up two months later in a dumpster, with various bits and pieces mysteriously sawed off? I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Get better.

Mo'a said...

Oh!!! No!!! I missed the contest and such a good prize...I would have known the artist...she says with tongue firmly planted in cheek ;}
I am loving you newest project...had a pet monkey once...a post about it is coming up on my blog in the near future.

Prats said...

**I'm really enjoying seeing this cheeky monkey take shape

And so am I, its coming out so wonderfully...love the eyes ...

Ps said...

I missed the game and the prize! But you can be sure I shall definitely visit your retreat--complementary or not! I hope Oskur wont turn me out!

Niall said...

DM...I find it difficult to separate the man from his work sometimes especially since i learned that he used to beat his wife.

Julie...Look on the bright side,the tomb stone will be able to bear the legend: 'Rest In Pieces'.

Mo'a...A opet monkey?..wow. My Dad had a pet Gazelle one!..it used to eat his cigarettes..it's one way of quitting I guess!


PS..your room is permanently reserved.